Loans Department

We lend money using personal property (i.e. jewellery, electronics) as collateral (See our Items Accepted page). When the borrower pays back his loan, he receives his property back. While the loan is outstanding, the property is held in our secure warehouse. Find out more about our terms by viewing our Loans Policy.

Myth #1 – Only winos and down-and-out types borrow money from a pawnbroker.
Fact – This type of person does not own anything of value on which to borrow. At least 85% of our loan clientele are employed.

Myth #2 – Few people pay back their loans and retrieve their goods.
Fact – Our payback ratio consistently runs between 92% and 94%.

Myth #3 – Pawnbrokers handle a lot of stolen property.
Fact – Last year, we wrote approximately 65,000 pawn tickets on some 175,000 items, all of which were reported to the local Police Department the same day that they were received. About 60 items were seized by the Police of which 15 were later returned.


  1. Top Loan Values : We lend the most on most items..
  2. Lowest Interest Rate : We charge the lowest interest rate in Canada bar none. No extra service charges. Just 5% simple interest per month.
  3. Security : Our alarm system is the most technologically advanced system available. All jewellery is kept in tamperproof bags. We are located next door to the New Westminster Police Service.
  4. Friendly, knowledgeable staff: All our staff have attended “World Class Customer Service” by Dale Carnegie, as well as, numerous other courses in jewellery and gemstones, computers etc.
  5. Discreet: Your personal information is confidential and NO credit checks.
  6. Quick Cash: Most transactions take less than 10 minutes.
  7. Reputation : We are a member of the Better Business Bureau and the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce and are a founding member of the B.C. Pawnbrokers Association.
  8. Experience : We were established in New Westminster in 1955 and are now the Largest Pawnbroker in Canada.
  9. Modern and Spacious: Well lit, carpeted and air conditioned store, ½ block from the Columbia Street skytrain station.
  10. Insurance: Your items are insured when in our care.* You won’t find any “not responsible” disclaimers on our pawn tickets.

* We promise to take better care of your items than you do.

Consumer Alert

Before you deal with any pawnbroker in British Columbia:

  1. Be leery of pawnbrokers with disclaimers on the pawn ticket such as “The pawner will not hold the shop negligent or liable for any reason” or “It is the pawner’s responsibility to insure his own goods”
  2. Find out where and how your good will be stored. i.e. on the premises or at another location. If it is jewellery you are leaving as collateral, does the pawnbroker have a vault and/or use tamper proof security bags.
  3. Be sure to check if they are members of the British Columbia Pawnbrokers Association. If not, it is a good idea to find out why or check with your Better Business Bureau.