Another year has come and gone, and here we are again.  After spending the past year gathering celebrity autographs on ties, framing the ties, and making the exhibits into pieces of artwork, the ties have been posted to our web site at www.tieday.ca ready for auction.

Since our inaugural Tie Day Auction in 1997, we have raised over $200,000 through auction proceeds and donations for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.  This is all because of the kindness of so many celebrities who have chosen to support this cause and because of the kindness of so many fans who are willing to place bids in support of this very worthwhile endeavour.  Please be assured that 100% of auction proceeds go to the food bank and 100% of all costs are absorbed by Royal City  Jewellers and Loans Ltd.

On November 29th, 2014 at 515 Columbia Street, New Westminster, at 2:30pm. we will be holding our après Tie Day Auction reception.  We invite everyone to join us on the last day for the presentation of ties to the auction winners, for refreshments, games and prizes.

Please come!



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