Royal City Jewellers & Loans Ltd. is proud to announce that our 19th Annual Tie Day Event finale will take place on November 28, 2015.  Our celebrity ties will be on auction throughout the month of November, both in store and on the web.



Presented to Royal City Jewellers & Loans Ltd. by  The Greater Vancouver Food Bank

This will be our 19th year of supporting the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, a non-profit organization established in 1982.    The Food Bank provides assistance to over 28,000 people located in Vancouver, Burnaby,  New Westminster and North Vancouver, every week.

For us, this is a year long process of contacting celebrities, sending out requests, getting ties signed, and turning the signed tie into a piece of art work.  This year, already, we have acquired some very exciting signatures.  For example, we have two of the Dr. Whos, Peter Capaldi and Tom Baker, just to name two.

The final day, November 28, we hold a Tie Day Event wrap up party in our store at 515 Columbia Street in New Westminster.  Refreshments will be served, games will be played, items will be auctioned, and the winners of our month long Tie Auction will pick up their winnings.

Please mark your calendar, November 28th is the DAY.

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  1. I’m Sonia Thomson you good people have been looking after my jewellery as well as my husband’s, Keith Thomson for a long time. Thank you.

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