Your electronic items may be used as collateral for a loan.

The value of the loan is based on:

  • age of the item
  • brand
  • condition

Electronics (up to 3 years old, subject to condition)

  • Smartphones
  • LED/OED/LCD/Plasma Televisions
  • TV/BLU RAY Combos
  • BLU RAY Player/Recorder
  • Home amplifier/cd player/equalizer
  • Bookshelf/blaster stereo
  • House speakers /surround sound systems/subwoofers
  • Car stereos (recent editions only)
  • Car speakers (top names, call first for subwoofers)
  • Ipods (w/car kit or adapter & headphones) newer models only ** see notice below**
  • Mini-speaker systems (i.e. Bose)
  • Video game systems (w/ 1 controller, 1 game, hookups, adapter) (Call first to see if acceptable)
  • Home Computer/Laptop/Tablets (Call first to see if acceptable)
  • Fitbits/Smartwatches

Cameras & Accessories (Must be digital, age no more than 2 years, in excellent condition, call for accepted brands)

  • Camcorders, Newer digital (w/battery, charger, adapter, RCA in/out cords, Brand names only)
  • Digital Cameras (Minimum 14 MP with software and all accessories)
  • Digital Lenses Only
  • Tripods, Flash, Filter, Lightmeters
  • Dashcams

Please note:

  • serial numbers must be intact and legible
  • item must be charged in order to be considered for a loan
  • all chargers, batteries, cables, and any other parts must be included
  • items such as laptops/tablets must be registered to pawner
  • we reserve the right to refuse any item
  • this list is subject to change without notice

Important notice regarding loans on Apple products:

Due to the new security features in the latest Apple OS for their devices (IPad, IPod, MacBook, Etc.); customers will be required to login to their ICloud accounts in the presence of a Loans Officer to show that the Activation Lock is NOT enabled on their device.

It is highly recommended that you, the customer, perform a full backup of your device before submitting it for loan. Ideally, bringing your Apple device into RCJ after you have backed up your data, and returned the device to the “Hello” stage is the very best way to ensure we will be able to help you obtain a loan on your item.

Once you have submitted your Apple device for a collateral loan, a RCJ Loans Officer will be performing the following actions:

  • Determine that the Activation Lock is off. We will be recording your serial number and entering it at
  • Determine that the device has the “Find My IPhone” option turned off.
  • Remove the device from the customers ICloud account. This will require logging into your ICloud account in the presence of the Loans Officer.

If you are unsure of the steps required to remove a device from your ICloud account our Loans Officers will be happy to assist, but please be aware this will require allowing them to login to your account.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, our valued customers, but any Apple device that is left behind and is attached to an ICloud account becomes unsellable as it cannot be reactivated by a new owner.

In light of this, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS made to this policy. It will be required of all Apple devices presented for loan, by any customer, new or returning.