Before You Get A Loan

We accept any valid, government-issued photo ID no more than 10 years old, such as a British Columbia Driver’s Licence, British Columbia Identification, Canadian Passport*, Canadian Citizenship Card*, Firearms Acquisition Certificate* (with photo).

*With current proof of address, such as a utility bill.

You must be at least 19 years old to get a loan.

The amount of the loan depends on your collateral. See our Accepted Items page for more information on what determines the value of your item.

We charge a 5% simple interest. There are no hidden fees or charges. Visit our Loans Policy Page for more information.

Loans are good for 3 months and are renewable. Visit our Loans Policy Page for more information.

After You Get A Loan

Please come in as soon as possible with your identification. If you have your pawn ticket number saved, you may call in and let us know that it has been lost. We ask that you still come in with your identification so that we can determine the best next step for you to take.

We accept cash, money order, debit or Interac e-Transfers. Visit our Paying Your Balance Page for more information.

You may renew your loan by paying only the past interest due. Your loan will be valid for 3 more months, at which time you may renew it again or pay the total amount owing. (Loans are renewable at the management’s discretion).

Our pawn tickets are bearer’s receipts, therefore you may send a friend or family member with the ticket to pay on your behalf. You may also send an Interac e-Transfer to renew your loan.

We will only hold your tickets for a maximum of 7 calendar days.  If you do not pick them up within 7 calendar days, they will be automatically mailed to the address we have on file.