Royal City Jewellers only accepts payments via the following methods:

  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Money Order
  • Interac E-Transfers

Mail-In Payment Policy

We will accept renewal payments via mail with either a E-Transfer or Money Order with the following requirements:

Please send the full amount of the interest owing plus a $3 service fee (plus any extra you may want to be reduced from the principle of the loan) to with your pawn ticket # as the message.

The question is: What is our speciality? The answer is: value. Note: If necessary just add a 1 to the end of the answer (value1) and say +1 in your message with the loan #.

As this is a ticketless transaction, the earliest we can renew is on the day of grace.

We will be mailing you your new ticket. Please ensure we have your correct mailing address on file.

Please ensure that the amount of your E-Transfer is the correct interest due plus the $3 fee. If you are unsure, please call us at 604-526-7296 with your pawn ticket number and we can let you know the correct amount owing. Please Note: If you do not send enough, your etransfer will be rejected.

Interest is calculated based on when it is received. Ie. If the money is received beyond 4:45 PM (Pacific time) on the day of grace the additional one-month interest charge will be added. Please note that it is time received not sent, so please allow for your bank’s processing time.

The ORIGINAL pawn ticket (you may wish to keep a photocopy for yourself to check on the loan, once sent in).

A self-addressed stamped envelope (to return the new ticket(s) to you at the correct address).

A money order in the full amount of the interest owing (plus any extra you may want to be reduced from the principle of the loan).

We reserve the right to restrict the use of this service at our discretion.